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August 27, 2012
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Nabbed me a Critter by RayArtz Nabbed me a Critter by RayArtz
Upcoming variant for Big Dog Inkís Critter series debuting at Baltimore Comic-Con 2012
Drawn and Colored by I: Corey Knaebel

This cover is also a big push in a new direction that Iíve been taking, which has been evolving over the past couple covers and personal works that Iíve done. That evolution is big, bright, expressions Ė too many covers I see really lack emotional content oftentimes featuring the same generic expression. This disturbs me, because these characters have stories so they have lives, experiences and most importantly they will have emotional responses to situations.

All of this boils down to creating an attitude and the facial expression is the most important indicator of attitude. Posture and pose is important as well but the raw emotion comes from the eyes and mouth.

To quote the Warner Bros. Character Design Manual (An excellent must have book for artists)
ďIf you want to create a character that Ďpopsí off the page, draw with exclamation points. Donít draw a character that is sort of happy, sort of sad, or sort of angry. Draw a character that is HAPPY! SAD! or ANGRY!Ē
-Chuck Jones
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innactpro Aug 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I must say, this makes me HAPPY!
Nice art.

Lovely coloring.

Very nice, I like that whip, too.
Oh the little cutie in the foreground why is she tied up ???
Well you'll have to read the Critter comic to find out.
but the cowgirl is Lasso Lass, she works for the paparazzi and rounds up super heros.

Be sure and check out for more information on the Critter series and other great titles.
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